Thursday 23 November 2017
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Welcome To The Home Of The Ice Cream Ninja!



moiI am Douglas Jay AKA The Ice Cream Ninja.

I am a rehab professional based in Perthshire and online nutrition/health advisor helping people throughout the UK and Ireland. Having previously been a professional sportsman, I have spent the last 15 years working in rehab and the last 8 years beginning a lifetime of learning in the world of nutrition. My passion for nutrition was sparked by a personal ambition to maintain a high physical performance into my 30’s and beyond. I spend whatever spare moment I can being a geek and reading scientific journals (not the Daily Mail), Biochemistry, and anything else which will allow me to improve my knowledge which I can pass on to clients. If I don’t know the answer, I will find out.

In recent years since retiring from football, I have undertaken several challenges to inspire me and push me, from long distance cycling and 52 mile trail runs to ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ and ‘Tough Mudder’, pretty much every obstacle course going in the UK.

My current interests and passion lie in martial arts, mainly kickboxing, Kyokushin karate and Judo. I have achieved my ambition of competing in a number of martial arts tournaments and have every intention of fighting again as long as my family will let me. I am very fortunate through my rehab work to meet people with various interests or skills in martial arts which I am not familiar with, and I will never miss an opportunity to be choked, punched, kicked or learn something new

I am a big believer in doing something because you enjoy it, not simply because you believe it to be the best way to get fit, lose weight, or whatever your goal may be. Usually these goals come about as a byproduct of performing your activity well and consistently.

I am a strong advocate of people learning how to cook using raw ingredients, no matter how simplistic, and when possible enjoying your food with people close to you.
I am not a highly skilled cook, but I take immense pride knowing that what I provide has a dramatic say in how my children function, grow and learn.



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