You have lost weight because you stopped eating bread for 2 weeks, so that must mean that bread is bad for you right?

How about we look at this another way. An average slice of brown bread amounts to around 90 calories. Lets say you have 2 slices at breakfast time with jam and butter (approx 400 calories), and 3 slices for lunch again with butter/marge along with ham/cheese etc (approx. 500-600 calories) you replace this sandwich with a salad (100-200 calories tops). Removing the bread alone could create a 450-500 calorie deficit a day, which is 3500 calories a week, creating roughly a 1lb a week weight loss. It is as simple as this. It wasn’t removing gluten, wheat, sugar.

It was the creation of a calorie deficit!!!

If you remove a specific food or lower a macronutrient for a period of time, yes you will lose weight, again for this reason. Do not overcomplicate things. If all you are interested in, is losing weight (which you shouldn’t be) a deficit has to be created. Also, if you want to put on weight you need to be in a calorie surplus. So, if you are putting on weight without wanting to.

A – you are eating more than is required.

B – you are not moving enough.

For the majority of the time lets not make it any more difficult than it needs to be.

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