Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

So its Easter Sunday, an important day for many people, either from a religious point of view, using it as an opportunity to meet up with family or close friends. Or…….

…Simply an excuse to eat Easter eggs!! Brilliant.

So how do you manage to maintain a healthy calorie maintenance going on a day like Easter Sunday when everyone else is eating chocolate??


Do you really think that by slightly overeating your calories on that 1 day out of 365 is what is going to contribute to your downfall from grace and slimness? Or are you being silly and denying yourself the opportunity to chill out with friends, eat some good food, maybe drink some wine, be happy and have a fantastic day.

This could apply to

  • Christmas day
  • Thanksgiving
  •  Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Almost anything that is important to you and your family from a social aspect.

However, overeat your calories in chocolate and wine or whatever on a regular basis then I think it is highly likely you may gain long term weight/fat.

But that is something completely different altogether.

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